See Change is a direct line to better information about how social change happens. With a highly trained ear, we listen to – and through – the stories emerging from efforts to create impact. With a focused lens, we observe and record the reality of what's happening on the ground. We triangulate, synthesize, and sort qualitative data into actionable knowledge for investors, grantmakers, and social entrepreneurs.

Stories alone are not enough. See Change gathers quantitative metrics when they are available. But stories are essential for understanding barriers to social innovation, ideal conditions for scaling impact, and the "human factor" that grounds all efforts at change. Metrics are the doorway. Stories are what's inside the room.

Storytelling in the social sector is misused. The plural of anecdote is not data. But it can be. Serious change agents rightly question the validity and value of one-off emotional appeals designed for fundraising. But stories that are systematically collected, thoughtfully analyzed, and critically edited are the most powerful tools for learning available in the social sector.

Story Science is the best of both worlds. We use both sides of our brains to design our work in the social sector. Let's also use both sides to understand our impact.